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Diving Training Agencies

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British Sub-Aqua Club
With BSAC you can safely enjoy the most thrilling, challenging and rewarding diving you are ever likely to do.
PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors
Start your adventure with the PADIĀ® Open Water Diver course.
SSI - Scuba Schools International
Your choice for dive certification.
The World Underwater Federation was founded in 1959 and by now it comprises over 130 federations from 5 continents. In addition to organizing international underwater sport events it is at the forefront of technical and scientific research and development.
NAUI Worldwide
NAUI divers join a larger community of explorers and adventurers who share a passion for discovery and engagement with the world around them.
RAID - Dive Training in a Class of it's Own
RAID is the world's fastest growing diver training agency with both full service and satellite regional offices.
SDI - Scuba Diving International
SDI was created in 1998 and grew out of the success of our sister company TDI, which specializes in the more advanced disciplines of dive training.
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